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Chainsaw Carving

Lumberjack Enterprises has a number of carvers available for your event. We bring in all of our own wood, saws, and safety equipment needed to perform demonstrations and entertainment to your audiences. Many carvers require you to provide the carving wood, however we realize that can sometimes be a daunting chore to find the correct size, quality, quantity, and species of wood. We keep things simple for you by only asking for the amount of space required to carve safely.

We can provide one or more carvers depending on your needs. We've done as short of time as one hour and everything up to multiple days for the longer running venues. Most of our carvers specialize in small to medium size carvings but if you're looking for big carvings, we can do that too. Check out some samples below.

Welcome Bear with Reversable Sign

Pig Fish
Front of Turtle Back of Turtle
Winter Boots Cowboy Boots
Freedom Ribbon Goose

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