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College Lumberjack Competitions

Lumberjack Enterprises produces high quality, professional conclaves with very little work for the host college. We provide much of the materials to the host college including stands, equipment, personnel, and much more. Check out our "What do we provide" page for more information. We also have a national sponsor, ECHO INCORPORATED, to help cover the costs of producing a conclave. These conclaves, with the help of Echo, can actually become a fundraiser for your club or department depending on the format you choose. In addition to hosting a conclave, Lumberjack Enterprises and Echo will also give the host college an Echo chainsaw, T-shirts for every participating member, and a competition throwing axe to keep as a way of saying thanks.

A unique part of these conclaves is our alumni/staff division. Traditionally, only current college students are able to participate in these conclaves. Now, with the addition of a new division, separate from the college division, we are allowed to have forestry alumni and staff members compete amongst themselves. All of the events have been standardized so you know exactly what to expect when you go to a competition, whether it's on the west coast, east coast, down south, or up north. With over 20 events to compete in, you are sure to find something fun. Safety is our number one concern and all of the events have been inspected by our crew to make sure that they remain that way. Feel free to look around and if you have any questions, go to the contact page to get a hold of us.

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