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Competition Logistics

Lumberjack Enterprises produces high quality, professional lumberjack tournaments with very little work for the host college. We realize that during your college career, extra time is scarce, resources may be in short supply, and funds are hard to come by, so we have formed a company to take care of these things. We provide all the equipment and much of the funds needed to set up and run an entire conclave. All of the events have been standardized so that they will be the same from the northern conclaves to the southern conclaves. We also provide all of the equipment so that every college is able to participate. Many colleges cannot afford the best and newest equipment, so to make things fair, Lumberjack Enterprises bought the newest and best equipment and is providing this equipment to every college free of charge. Here are some of the items we supply to the host college. There include but are not limited to:

  • A sponsor, ECHO INCORPORATED, to help cover the costs.
  • A professionally run, fast paced tournament with over 20 events.
  • All equipment (Pee-vees, chainsaws, axes, portable pool, etc)
  • T-shirts for every participant at your conclave. Each school will get its own color to identify themselves with their particular college.
  • Lathe turned wood.
  • A minimum of 1 days worth of competition. (Details are on a college by college basis)
  • One day of practice before the competition in all of the events. This is a hands on experience where you can go through the events without the pressure of competing. Rules are reviewed, safety instructions are given, and the practice is run by a professional lumberjack. (Details are on a college by college basis)
  • All stands and event holders (Target stands, cross cut stands, portable logrolling pool, etc)
  • A set up crew, safety inspection crew, and take down crew to handle the logistics of the competition.
  • A tournament director, tournament officials, and judges to help run the competition.
  • A separate alumni/staff division to allow everyone to compete.
  • A speaker system for announcements.
  • A refresher station with water for the contestants.
  • Liability insurance.
  • Participant registration help and resources.
  • An awards ceremony following the tournament.
  • A professional lumberjack to give tips and strategies to anyone.

And as a thank you for choosing Lumberjack Enterprises, we will give the host college

  • Echo equipment.
  • A competition throwing axe complete with handle, head, and pin.

Host Requirements

Lumberjack Enterprises makes hosting a conclave very easy. We provide just about everything, however, there are a few items that we need from your college that we are not able to supply.

  • A minimum of a 150' by 100' FLAT space to host the conclave. Size requirements may be different at each location depending on the number of events that are held.
  • 10,000 gallons of water for the logrolling tank. If there is a fire hydrant within 500', we can fill the tank ourselves.
  • Electricity for the sound system (Speakers, Microphone, Amp, etc) A standard 110-120 volt, 20 amp circuit will work fine.
  • The host college is to find and line up participants for the conclave. We should work closely together on this to ensure that there is enough wood and supplies for the entire conclave. In the event that the host college needs some help finding contact information for college forestry programs, Lumberjack Enterprises can help.
  • Echo Incorporated is our proud sponsor. They cover much of the costs for the colleges to host Lumberjack Enterprises conclaves. However some additional funds are needed. This is based on the number of days the event will be held, the number of participants, and the distance needed to travel to the host college. Contact Jamie at:

             Jamie@lumberjackenterprises.com or 651-269-6606 for more information.

  • To help keep costs down, the host college may be asked to provide 1-4 judges/timers during the event. (Non-competitors) If you would like professional judges/timers, Lumberjack Enterprises can provide them at an additional cost.
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