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Lumberjack Events

Cross Cut Sawing: (X-Cut)
Divisions: Men's, Women's, Men's Double, Women's Double, Jack and Jill

Sawyers make one cut through a 14 inch piece of wood using a 6' cross cut saw. You are allowed a 1 inch starting mark before the event begins. The contestant/team with the fastest time is the winner.

Stock Saw Race:
Divisions: Open

On the command of "GO," sawyers grab the running chainsaw and make two cuts off of a 12 inch piece of wood. Time stop when the second block of wood touches the ground. There are two divisions in the stock saw event. One will be an 80 cc class while the other will be a 52 cc class. The contestant with the fastest time is the winner.

Meet the Cut:
Divisions: Open 

The goal of this event is to cut off one slab of wood. On the command of "GO," contestants grab the running chainsaw and make a cut half way through the log, starting at the top. Once half way through, the contestant pulls his/her saw out and starts a cut from the bottom of the log in an attempt to "meet the cut" in the middle of the log. A time penalty is added for cuts that do not meet each other. The contestant with the fastest time after all penalties is the winner.

Axe Throw:
Divisions: Open

Contestants stand 20 feet away from the target and throw a double bit axe towards the bulls eye. Each contestant gets one warm up throw and three throws for points. A bulls eye is worth five point, the next outer ring is worth four points, the next outer ring is worth three points, the next outer ring is worth two points, and the last outer ring is worth one point. The contestant with the highest number of points is the winner.

Bow Saw:
Divisions: Men's, Women's

Sawyers make one cut through a 12 inch piece of wood using a bow saw with a 42 inch long blade. You are allowed a 1 inch starting cut. The contestant with the fastest time is the winner.

Obstacle Pole Race: (OP Race)
Divisions: Men's

Contestants start with their hand touching the "high" end of the OP pole. On the command to "GO," the contestant must grab their chainsaw and carry it to the low end of the OP pole. From there, the contestant must scale the pole to the "high" end where a platform is and start the chainsaw. You must make one cut off of the end of the OP pole and turn your saw OFF before making your way back down the pole. The race ends when you touch the "high" end of the OP pole with
your hand.

Water Events: Logrolling/Birling, Speed Roll, and Longest Time
Divisions: Open

Logrolling/Birling: Two contestants start on the top of a floating log in the water. On the command of "GO," contestants try to knock their opponent off of the log without touching them or crossing the center line. The loser of a fall is the contestant falling into the water first. Matches are 3 out of 5 falls.
Speed Roll: Each contestant starts on top of a floating log by him/her self. On the command of "GO," the contestant has 30 seconds to spin the log around in either direction as many times as they can. If the contestant falls into the water, they may mount the log and continue without any penalties. The contestant with the most number of spins is the winner. 

Longest Time: Each contestant starts completely out of the water and on top of a floating log by him/her self. On the command of "GO," the contestant must stay on top of the log as long they can before falling into the water. Time stops once any part of the contestant touches the water. The contestant with the longest time is the winner. This event has a one minute time limit. See general rules below.

Logroll: (Ground)  
Divisions: Men's, Women's

In teams of two, contestants have a 10 foot long oblong log touching two stakes that are 8 feet apart. On the command of "GO," the team uses only their peaveys to move the log down a straight 40 foot long course until it touches two stakes that are also 8 feet apart. The log must touch both stakes at the same time. Once this happens, the two contestants must jump to the other side of the log and make a return trip with the log. Time stops once the log touches both of the stakes at the same time. The team with the fastest time is the winner.

Bolt Throw:
Divisions: Men's

Contestants start in a 10 by 10 foot throw box with a bolt of wood. Once given the "OK" to throw, contestants have 30 seconds to throw a bolt of wood as far as they can. The distance is measured from the scratch line to the closest point on the bolt of wood. Each contestant get two attempts. The contestant who throws the bolt the furthest is the winner. Approximate dimensions of a bolt of wood are six feet long by eight inches in diameter.

Pulp Toss:
Divisions: Men's, Women's

A men's team has four players while a women's teams has two players. Half of the members are at one end of the event while the other half are at the other end of the event. One the command of "GO," one team member throws
one of the four pulp logs through two posts that are three feet wide and 20 feet apart for the women's, 30 feet apart for men's. Once all four pulp logs are thrown, the next member at the other end may start throwing the pulp logs back between the posts. The contestant may throw the pulp logs from anywhere behind the two posts. Points are scored when the pulp logs land and STAY between the two posts AFTER all four pulp logs have been thrown. Each pulp log is worth one point. A bonus of 2 points is awarded if all four pulp logs are within the two posts. The team who reaches 25 points the fastest is the inner. Approximate dimensions of a pulp log are four feet long by five inches in diameter.

Match Split:
Divisions: Open

A contestant uses a 7 pound chopping axe to try and split a standard match. The match is inserted into the middle of a block of wood that is 36 inches in height. The drop is very important. A contestant must place both hands at the end of the axe handle. Once given the "OK", they may place the axe head as close to the match as they wish without touching the match. Then they must raise the axe in one smooth motion until the axe is at least 90 degrees from the match. (Straight up) Once there, they must let the axe free fall towards the match. The contestant must NOT steer the axe in ANY way once the axe begins to fall towards the match. Each contestant is given three attempts. Negative three points is awarded for igniting the match, negative 2 points for splitting match, negative 1 point for touching the match. If the match is not touched by the axe then a comb is used to measure the distance the axe is away from the match. Each "tooth" on a comb is worth one positive point. The contestant withe the lowest number of points in the winner.

Water Boil/Fire Build:
Divisions: Open

Contestants start with a block of wood, a cookie to use as a fire base, 3 matches, and a can with some water and soap in it. On the command of "GO," contestants must split the wood and build a fire using only the materials provided. The contestant who gets their soap and water to boil over the can first is the winner.

Tobacco/Beef Jerky Spit:
Divisions: Open

A contestant stands 10 feet away from a piece of graph paper that is lying on the ground and contains a 10 by 10 grid of 1 inch squares. Once given the "OK" to begin, the contestant has one minute to launch three spits. Each square that contains "by-product" is worth one point. The contestant who has the most number of points is the winner.

Divisions: Open

Each team shall consist of ten members of which at least two must be women. A team of ten will face another team of ten in an event of strength. Each team is given 25 feet of rope. The center of the rope will be marked with a yellow flag and will be place on the center line. Two red flags will be placed five feet from the yellow flag, one on each side of the yellow flag. All team members must stay behind their red flag. On the command of "GO," each team must try and pull the other teams red flag OVER the center line. The team accomplishing this task is declared the winner and advances to the next round.

Lumberjack Enterprises is flexible when it comes to hosting conclaves. You can pick the events you want, drop others, or talk to us about events you may want but are not on the list above. If we can produce it, you can add it to your conclave. If we cannot produce the event and your college still wants to have it, your college may produce it and have it integrated into the conclave as a normal scored event.

Demonstration only:

Hot Saw vs. Stock Saw

This is an event in which you can see some of the fastest chainsaws in the world race through wood in seconds. These "Hot Saws" make cutting through wood look like a hot knife going though a warm stick of butter. These supped up chainsaws, worth thousands of dollars, are built up and tuned only for racing! Watch as these Hot Saws race against a stock chainsaw to see who can cut wood the fastest. That doesn't seam fair you say? How about if the Hot Saw makes four cuts in the time it takes the stock chainsaw to make one cut? Think it can happen?!?












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