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2015 Winner: Todd Diethert
2014 Winner: Tony Everson
2013 Winner: Todd Diethert
2012 Winner: Garrik Birdsong
2011 Winner: Steve Klingemann  
2010 Winner: Laura Krongard
2009 Winner: Bob Jones
2008 Winner: Troy Birdsong

In 2016, Lumberjack Enterprises is donating another FREE log, to one lucky VOLUNTEER who helps out at one or more logrolling tournaments during the current season. We recognize that volunteers are at the core of the tournaments and without them, many would not be possible. Many thanks goes out to ALL of the volunteers past, present and future. 

Here's how the FREE LOG GIVEAWAY program works.

Make sure that the tournament is on the list below. If not, talk to your tournament director to get them added.

Volunteer and work for at least 75% of the tournament time. (You can get time off to watch your kids!)

At each tournament that you volunteer at, you get one chance to win the free log. If you volunteer at more than one tournament, you will get more chances to win the log (ex.: Volunteer at four tournaments and get four chances to win the free log).

You MUST be volunteering your time. NO PAID helpers please.
Your name goes into a hat and at the last tournament, (November Nationals) we will draw the winner and that volunteer will receive a  log! YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!

Typical volunteer positions include: 
Two log holders and one timer per logrolling match.
One holder and one timer per speed roll event.
One master bracket keeper.
And of course the tournament director!

If you are interested in volunteering at any of the tournaments, contact your tournament director. It is the responsbility of the tournament director to provide a list of the volunteers to Lumberjack Enterprises for the FREE LOG GIVEAWAY drawing.

Program Directors
In order to participate in the FREE LOG GIVEAWAY you must:
1. Send the tournament results to Lumberjack Enterprises.
2. Send a list of the volunteers to Lumberjack Enterprises.
3. Let the guests of your tournament know about the FREE LOG GIVEAWAY program.
4. Contact us before your tournament begins. 

For a full list of details on the FREE LOG GIVEAWAY, please contact Jamie Fischer.

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