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Lumberjack Enterprises and Shana Martin team up to raise money for Huntington's Disease

Madison has an amazing number of rollers all donating their funds to a great cause (Huntington's Disease) and in turn winning yet another log for their program. With the number of logs that Madison is winning, they will have plenty of oppertunites to roll for years to come! 

In almost an exact repeat of last year, the Midwest Logrolling Championships raised approx $5,000 towards Huntington's Disease under the guidance of Shana Martin. And once again, the Madison program was the top fundraiser winning yet another log for their logrolling program. Way to go Madison rollers!

2010 had a another successfull year as the Midwest Championships was able to raise a good amount of money for Huntington's Disease. This year, clubs completed to see who could raise the most amount of money in order the win a brand new #3 log. Congratulations goes out to the Madison program for raising the most money.
2009 was another successful year raising approximately $5,000 once again for Huntington's Disease. Shana had one of the biggest tournaments of the year and once again Lumberjack Enterprises was proud to partner with  her. This years winner was pooled together from the Oconomowoc logrolling program raising over $600 and claiming a new #5 log for their program. Nice work Oconomowoc!

Shana Martin of Madison, Wisconsin hosted the 2008 Midwest Logrolling Championships and once again she donated 100% of the proceeds to Huntington's Disease.  This years tournament raised approximately $5,000 from donations, entry fees, and fundraising efforts by the logrollers themselves. Shana collected items from various companies and gave them away to the top fundraisers as an incentive to raise the most amount possible. Lumberjack Enterprises was proud to donate a fully finished #4 log valued at $850 to Shana's efforts. As it turns out, Lumberjack Enterprises's gift became top prise in the fundraiser.  At the end of the day, eight year old Evie Lynch raised $1,025.00 to claim top honors. She received the #4 log for her tremendous efforts in fundraising for Huntington's Disease. Way to go Evie! 

Shana Martin's website: www.shanamartin.com
Huntington's Disease website: www.hdsawi.org 

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