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Logrolling Programs

Lumberjack Enterprises is the first business of its kind. It is dedicated to starting, running, and maintaining logrolling programs throughout the United States and eventually throughout the world. Its founder, Jamie Fischer, runs two of the world's leading logrolling programs and has competed professionally in over 200 cities. After his competitions, he has let tens-of-thousands of kids try logrolling. Many of these kids want to continue logrolling but there are no classes available in their area. This is why Lumberjack Enterprises was formed. Lumberjack Enterprises provides communities with everything to run a successful logrolling program and is available to help out in any situation.

In order to help you get your logrolling program started, Lumberjack Enterprises has put together a helpful packet. It includes everything you need to run your logrolling program along with many tips and suggestions. Its easy to follow lesson plans and instructional DVD help to make this the most complete source of information anywhere in the world. Lumberjack Enterprises is also a large supplier of logs for logrolling. With a log, the informational packet, and the instructional DVD, you are guaranteed to have a successful logrolling program that can be run, led, or coached by anybody at your facility.

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