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Kid's Interactive Lumberjack Camps 

This portion of our entertainment is for you to try. That’s right, guests and audience members get their chance to try some lumberjacking of their own. They are designed for the first timer with ANY ability. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, tall or short, large or small, everyone can try it. Logrolling and Cross Cut Sawing are our two most popular events. Our professional lumberjacks are on hand at each event to help out the participants. Kids, parents and grandparents can try the events as many times as they like within the camp time. These activities are typically 30 minutes in length but can be tailored for your needs.

Kid's Interactive Lumberjack Camp (Cross Cut Sawing)
The Cross Cut Saw was used before chainsaws were invented. In this event, you and a partner try to cut off a slab of wood together. Safety gear is provided and you get to keep the slab of wood after you are done cutting it off.


Kid's Interactive Lumberjack Camp (Logrolling)
A lumberjack will hold the log until you and your partner are on top of it. When the two of you are ready, the lumberjack simply lets go of the log. Now the game is on to see who can stay up the longest. After you fall in, hop back in line and do it again!

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