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Logs and Equipment for Sale

Logrolling Logs
The price of a log depends on the size and options that you want. All logs are Western Red Cedar, 12-13 feet in length, lathe turned, and sanded. If you are new to logrolling, contact us and we can help you get a log that best fits your needs. In general, unfinished logs run between $300-$700 and fully finished logs run between $500 and $900.

Log Options
Size: Different sizes, or diameters, are for different abilities. YMCA's and community pools starting new logrolling programs typically want to start with a bigger log. A 16 or 17 inch diameter log accommodates the widest range of participants, while allowing them to learn at a fast pace. Smaller logs are typically for competition and more advanced rollers.

Carpeting: This is the most common option for logs. Carpet is attached to the log where the logrollers roll unless you need a log for a professional logrolling tournament. Each side of the log has four feet of space. Carpet gives the students better traction on the log, keeps the pool cleaner, and provides a softer landing on the log. We attach the carpet using only glue as this is the safest option.

Grooved Carpet Slots: These slots are grooved out of the log and carpet is placed inside them making it flush with the log. This option protects the carpet from getting torn and makes the log roll smoother. Lumberjack Enterprises is the only company with this option; it is free to anyone purchasing a log from us.

Painting: Painting a log will make your log last at least twice as long as one that is not painted. The paint seals out the water and protects the wood against rotting. Different colors represent the different sizes of logs. Painted logos can be added to the ends of the logs if you have a sponsor. This is a great option if you are looking to start a logrolling program and want a sponsor to help you out.

Delivery: We can personally deliver your log or ship it depending on your location via FED EX FREIGHT.

Log Supplies and Materials
Paint: All paint used for logs can be bought by the gallon or in spray paint cans for touching up the ends of your logs. RUST-OLEUM High Performance Enamel brand paint has top quality paint at good prices and works well with the logs in water. This product can be found at Menards or similar stores and cost about $5 for a spray paint can or about $22 for a gallon.

Logrolling Carpet: Official logrolling carpet can be purchased through Lumberjack Enterprises at $125 per log. This includes enough carpet to do both sides of the log. Logs bigger than 17 inches may cost additional money. Shipping is extra.

Seam Glue: Depending on how often you use your log, the seams may need to be re-glued. A simple caulking gun and a $3 tube of PL Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive will do the trick. This product can be found at Menards or similar stores.

Log Carts: Log moving carts come in a variety of sizes and designs. You can easily move your log across dirt, grass, gravel, pavement, and concrete with ease. Most carts are designed to fit through a standard door frame allowing you to move your log indoors. Axels are made of steel tubing for long life and can hold over 800 lbs. Prices range from $125-$200 depending on if you want standard tires or the upgraded "Flat Free Tires."

Log Cart with Log Standard Log Cart

Log Maintenance
Complete logs should last 15 or more years with some simple maintenance. Once a year you will want to touch up the paint on the ends and sides of the logs. A can of spray paint is usually sufficient enough. Carpet should last 4-8 years depending on how often you use your log(s). Sometimes the carpet frays which can be fixed with a torch or lighter. If the seam starts to separate, (not very common) a $3 tube of glue will do the trick. And finally, but MOST IMPORTANT, make sure that your log is stored OFF of the ground and out of the water. Placing a 2 X 4 under each side of the log works in almost all situations. This allows your log to drip dry after using it.

Logrolling and Boom Running Shoes (Calks)
Calked shoes provide excellent traction on uncarpeted logrolling and boom logs.  Nate Greenberg has crafted logrolling and boom running shoes that have been used to win world championships.  You supply molded soccer cleats and Nate can turn them into competition quality calks.  Cost: $75  labor plus .50 per spike. Typical adult shoes use between 40 and 50 spikes per pair.  Shipping extra. Contact Nate: flip189@yahoo.com

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