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These images, descriptions  and write ups are free to anyone with a contract with Lumberjack Enterprises in the current calendar year. The thumbnail images work best for internet use and in brochures/fliers. A high quality image is available below the thumbnail image for higher quality media. Thumbnails can be saved by right clicking directly on the image you want and selecting "save image." High quality images can be found by clicking on the name beneath the image of your choice. Descriptions are posted below all of the images. 


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Kid's Interactive Lumberjack Camps- 
Cross Cut Saw


Kid's Interactive Lumberjack Camps-



 OP Race



 Cross Cut Saw





Boom Run

Descriptions for write ups, brochures, and fliers.

Lumberjack Enterprises: We produce some of the best lumberjack entertainment in the entire country. We offer professional Lumberjack Shows, Kid's Interactive Lumberjack Camps and Chainsaw Carving. Our Lumberjack Shows include professional athletes competing in 11 different events along with autographs for the kids after each show. The Kid's Interactive Lumberjack Camps are for you to try. Logrolling and Cross Cut Sawing are our most popular events and everyone young or old is welcome to try. And finally we offer Chainsaw Carving. Watch as lumberjacks turn blocks of wood into works of art.

All American Lumberjack Show: Come cheer on the red team or the blue team as professional lumberjacks compete in 11 different events against each other in this fast paced entertainment. See everything from axes, modified racing chainsaws, water events, and cross cut saws to audience participation and chainsaw caring giveaways. Each show offers different events so come back and see us multiple times. Free autographs/souvenirs for the kids from the lumberjacks are after every show.

Kid's Interactive Lumberjack Camps: Here is your chance to try some lumberjacking. A professional lumberjack will be on hand to teach you Cross Cut Sawing and/or Logrolling. In the Cross Cut Sawing, try cutting off a slab of wood using a manual saw that was invented before chainsaws. For the Logrolling, try balancing on top of a log floating in the water. Everyone gets wet in this event so bring a change of clothes or towel if you can! No experience is necessary and everyone young or old is welcome to try.

Chainsaw Carving
: Watch as lumberjacks turn blocks of wood into works of art using their chainsaws. Bears, turtles, fish, pigs and other animals are usually done in 25 to 45 minutes.

PDF Flier: This is an emailable flier we use to promote our company. Feel free to send it to anyone who might be interested.
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