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Professional Lumberjack Shows

Professional Lumberjack Shows can be run in addition to the Interactive Lumberjack Camps or on its own. These shows are typically between 30-60 minutes in length (Depending on your time availably) and include some of the top rated professionals in the world. Watch as these lumberjacks race across floating logs, stand on spring boards with chainsaws, and race their modified saws against each other. Whether you're cheering for the red team or you're a part of the blue team, be aware, because during the show, we pick a few lucky guests to help out their team.

Professional Lumberjack Shows include just about all equipment necessary for a complete show. See the "Event Logistics" tab to the left for a list of required materials. Not all events performed in the show are available as "Interactive Events" due to the nature and safety of our guests. Safety is our number one concern and only the events that are deemed safe enough for the first timer will be included in the "Interactive Lumberjack Camps."

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