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Starting a Logrolling Program

Instructional Logrolling Packet

Lumberjack Enterprises has developed the most complete source of logrolling information any where in the world. With an Instructional Logrolling Packet and a log, every facility can run a successful and profitable logrolling program. The Instructional Logrolling Packet was developed by a 2-time World Logrolling Champion and professional coach since 1996. It includes 64 original lesson plans of which the last 16 can be repeated over and over again. Many professional logrollers use a program similar to this. Also included is a DVD that follows each lesson plan, has additional information, and pictures of logrolling equipment. (See bold headings below for more information.)

Lesson Plans

Lumberjack Enterprises has developed the most comprehensive set of lesson plans ever produced. There are four leveled eight week session that are designed to run twice a week for an hour each lesson. Each of the first three levels are repeated twice before the logroller can advance to the next level. This gives the roller ample time to master each of the skills in that level before advancing to learning new skills. The “Advanced Plus” level can be repeated indefinitely as this is what many of the professional rollers use when training for their competitions. All of these lessons were specifically designed in mind so that a person with no logrolling experience or background could teach these classes effectively.

Instructional Logrolling DVD

All of the lesson plans are also available in the Instructional Logrolling DVD that is included with the packet. These lessons are clearly labeled and demonstrate all the skills being taught. The instructional DVD is a crucial part to the success of your program. It is your complete A-Z guide for logrolling that includes everything you would want to know. Its chapter’s or sections make it easy to find information quickly and effectively. The DVD is currently in production and will be available in the fall of 2006.

Tournament Information

The Instructional Logrolling Packet includes a comprehensive guide to organizing your own logrolling tournament. Logrolling tournaments provide your facility with fund raising opportunities, media attention, and credibility to your program. Logrolling tournaments are easy to run and with the help of Lumberjack Enterprises, you can run your own. Information in the packet includes:

  • Explanation of Round Robin verses Double Elimination formats.
  • Explanation of first year tournaments verses a second year tournaments.
  • Round Robin Brackets (2-8 Participants)
  • Double Elimination Brackets (2-8 Participants)
  • General tournament rules
  • Results pages for Logrolling and Speed Rolling
  • A complete tournament materials and supplies list.
  • Registration help

 Additional information included - (Also available on the Instructional Logrolling DVD)

  • Logrolling Definitions: An alphabetical list of logrolling terms and their definitions.
  • Games and Rules: A separate list of the games and how they are played.
  • Recruiting help: 14 wonderful tips on how to increase your class sizes!
  • How to properly hold a log: Having troubles? Try these techniques!
  • Benefits of Logrolling: Wondering what a logrolling program can do for your facility? Check out these benefits to your city, the facility, the aquatics department, and your members.
  • Proper Footwear: When logrollers are ready, here are some tips on getting a good pair of logrolling shoes.
  • Log Care and Maintenance: Follow these simple tips to make your log last for 20 years or longer!
  • Equipment and Supplies: Looking for additional equipment or supplies? Look no further, Lumberjack Enterprises has compiled a list of suppliers.
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