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Summer Programs

Are you looking for a one day lumberjack camp or something that last weeks? We have some great summer programs for boy scouts, girl scouts, YMCA’s, youth groups, church programs, summer camps, family reunions, company picnics, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, etc.  All of our equipment is portable and can be set up in just about any location, or we have several locations throughout the twin cities. Some of our most popular programming is our logrolling classes. We provide the log, instructors, and in some cases, a pool if you don't have access to water. Over the summer, this is a big hit as logrolling is fun, challenging, and cooling in the summer heat. Depending on your schedule, we can teach some of the local logging history and use real tools that the lumberjack used in the 1800’s.

Did you know? A log can weigh thousands of pounds but when it floats in the water, a kindergartner can move it around easily. That’s why lumberjacks used the floods on a river to transport their logs!


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