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Designed for the first-timer of any ability, age, size, or gender, our customizable events put a new twist on corporate events and student activities.

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You've probably seen it on TV, but now is your chance to bring a new experience to your company or campus! We provide interactive, team-building lumberjack events that can cater to groups of ten to 1,000+. So, roll up your sleeves, throw on some plaid, and give your group an experience they'll never forget.

Our events are safe, fun, and can be set up at any location. Because of the number of events that we offer, there is something for every ability. Whether you're big or small, young or old, boy or girl, you are guaranteed to have a unique experience like never before.

Events are:
Able to be run at any location
Indoors or outside
Group sizes of ten to 1,000
Safe and fun
Some of our most popular Interactive Events are the Cross Cut Sawing, Axe Throw, Match Split, and Logroll. We have over a dozen lumberjack events for you to choose from. This allows you to customize your venue to fit your needs. Whether it's one event for one hour or all the events for a few days, we can do it all.

Cross Cut Sawing:
In teams of two, contestants push and pull on a 5-foot long saw until they successfully cut through a block of wood.
Cross Cut Sawing

Axe Throw:
Individuals throw a 2.5 lb axe from 20 feet away in an attempt to hit a target. Each ring on the target is worth different points with the bulls eye being the goal. Contestants are given three throws to accumulate the most points they can. Depending on the space available or if it is an indoor set up, a cage similar to a baseball batting cage will be set up for safety. Indoor setups include a covering to protect the original floor.
Axe Throw

Match Split:
A block of wood 36 inches tall is placed in front of the contestant with a standard match inserted into the middle of it and sticking straight up. Using an axe, a contestant starts by lining up the axe and the top of the match. When ready, the contestant raises the axe up. While still holding onto the handle of the axe, the contestant drops the axe in an attempt to split the match, causing it to light. Points are awarded for each of the three attempts.
Match Split

This is a very popular event at colleges. Contestants try to stay on top of a floating log for as long as they can before they fall off into a nice cool refreshing tank of water. Try as many times as you like to get the longest time.

Chainsaw Carving:
This event is only for the pro's. Watch as professional carvers turn a regular block of wood into a spectacular piece of work. Basic carvings can take as little as a few minutes; more detailed work can usually be accomplished in an hour or under.
Wood Carvings

First and foremost, we provide your guests with a chance to try lumberjack events for themselves. Whether we're working with a college, at a company picnic, or running a team-building exercise, Lumberjack Enterprises provides everything needed to fully run that event.
We do 100% of the set up, take down, and clean-up of our own area. All of the lumberjack equipment, saftey apparel, event stands, wood, professional lumerjacks, portable pool, lights for evening activities, PA system, and much more is included. Our priority is making your life easier.
A flat area to set up the equipment
We need a minimum of a 50' by 75' flat level dry area. A slightly larger area is recommended.

We need electricity for our PA system (a standard outlet of 110-210 volts, 20 amps). If shows are scheduled at night, we will need an additional, separate outlet.

We will need 10,000 gallons of water. If there is a fire hydrant or water source within 500 feet, we have the ability to fill the tank and pump it out with your permission

Guest Seating (Recommended)
We will need seating for our guests. This could be bleachers, chairs, picnic tables, etc.

At certain venues, we have a team building philosophy that can be incorporated into the Interactive Lumberjack Camps. Contestants are split into teams and paired with a professional lumberjack. As a team, each participant gets to "practice" each of the events with the help of their professional lumberjack. After everyone has had a chance, teams decide who from their team would be the best for each of the events.

Finally, we have a friendly competition between all of the teams. Because each participant can only "compete" in one event on behalf of their team, teammates have to decide which events require accuracy, strength, determination, steadiness, and team work to give their team the edge!
Professional Lumberjack Shows can be run in addition to the corporate/campus events or on its own. These shows are typically between 30-60 minutes in length (Depending on your time availably) and include some of the top rated professionals in the world. Watch as these lumberjacks race across floating logs, stand on spring boards with chainsaws, and race their modified saws against each other. Whether you're cheering for the red team or you're a part of the blue team, be aware, because during the show, we pick a few lucky guests to help out their team.

Lumberjack Show

Not all events performed in the show are available as "Interactive Events" due to the nature and safety of our guests. Safety is our number one concern and only the events that are deemed safe enough for the first timer will be included in the "Interactive Lumberjack Camps."