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We are dedicated to bringing logrolling programs to communities across the country.

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Our Story

Our founder, Jamie Fischer, has competed professionally in over 200 cities. After his competitions, Jamie would let event attendees (the vast majority being kids) try out logrolling. Countless wanted to continue with the sport, but there were no classes available in their area. Knowing the benefits of logrolling, Jamie set out to curate an easy-to-implement starter pack for those interested in bringing logrolling to their communities. We also supply logs and equipment, so are your one-stop-shop for any logrolling needs.

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What's Included?

We make it easy for you to get started.
Instructional Packet
Lesson Plans
Tournament Instruction
Get the Lingo
Games & Rules
Recruiting Tips
Log-Holding Techniques
Program Benefits Summary
Proper Footwear
Log Care & Maintenance
Equipment & Supplies
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Program Benefits

There are tremendous benefits to individuals, families, and communities when adding a logrolling program to your facility.
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Logrolling can easily become the "talk of the town". Because this sport is so unique and there are so few opportunities to take logrolling lessons, media attention will come quite quicky and create a buzz around town. An easy call to your local newspaper, radio, or TV stations can generate a lot of interest and publicity for your program. Your facility will also benefit from the new members gained by the logrolling program which in turn will generate more money for your facility.

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Aquatics Programs

The aquatics program will benefit directly by providing the opportunity to try something new, possibly giving it a jump start or a fresh look. Entire families can sign up together, further fostering the core values that many facilities are founded upon. Parents are even known to bribe their kids by saying, "You can take logrolling classes but you also have to take swimming lessons."

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Health & Exercise

Logrolling improves fine and gross motor skills, athleticism, body awareness, endurance, confidence, concentration, and most of all, balance. All of this is accomplished while having fun and learning a new sport.