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Rugged. Enthralling. Kid-Approved.

Our nation-wide shows are uproarious, nail-biting events, brought to you by world-class lumberjacks.

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Lumberjack Enterprises travels across the nation to provide high-quality, family-friendly entertainment to venues such as fairs, festivals, schools, and corporations. Venues receive not only our revered professional lumberjack shows, but also interactive camps and chainsaw carving for free. You won't find this deal with any other outfit in the world.



Our team is equipped to run multiple shows per day throughout the duration of your event.


Choose between a range of 15-minute to hour-long shows based on what suits your event best.


Each show is unique, as our eleven lumberjack events can be rotated throughout the day in your preferred order.

Free Inclusions

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This portion of our entertainment is for you to try. That’s right, guests and audience members get their chance to try some lumberjacking of their own. They are designed for the first timer with ANY ability. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, tall or short, large or small, everyone can try it. Logrolling and Cross Cut Sawing are our two most popular events. Our professional lumberjacks are on hand at each event to help out the participants. Kids, parents and grandparents can try the events as many times as they like within the camp time. These activities are typically 30 minutes in length but can be tailored for your needs.


Cross Cut Sawing:
You and a partner try to cut off a slab of wood together. Safety gear is provided and you get to keep the slab of wood after your are done cutting it off.


A lumberjack will hold the log until you and your partner are balanced on top of it. When participants are ready, the lumberjack simply lets go of the log. Now, the game is on to see who can stay up the longest. After you fall in, hop back in line and do it again!

Watch as lumberjacks turn blocks of wood into works of art. Run in-between the Lumberjack Shows and Interactive Camps, these carvers work their chainsaw to make small bears, fish, turtles, cactus, etc. We bring in all of our own wood and carve in the area already provided to us for the lumberjack show. This utilizes the space giving you more entertainment while conserving space. Each carving is then offered for sale to either the public or the venue.

wood carvings


Our shows are designed to be an ideal and flexible entertainment option that can be enjoyed at a variety of venues. Choose between a multi-day, multi-show format or grandstand option.

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Show Logistics

Leave the work to us.

We provide all of the lumberjack equipment, safety apparel, event stands, wood, professional lumberjacks, portable pool, lights for evening activities, PA system, chainsaws, axes, and much much more. We do 100% of the set up, take down, and clean up of our own area. Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for you so we have included just about everything! We only require a few simple items as described in the "Host Requirements" section.
A flat area to set up the equipment:
We need a minimum of a 50' by 75' flat level dry area. A slightly larger area is recommended.

We need electricity for our PA system (a standard outlet of 110-210 volts, 20 amps). If shows are scheduled at night, we will need an additional, separate outlet.

We will need 10,000 gallons of water. If there is a fire hydrant or water source within 500 feet, we have the ability to fill the tank and pump it out with your permission

Guest Seating (Recommended):
We will need seating for our guests. This could be bleachers, chairs, picnic tables, etc.

Promotional Materials

Downloadable media that we've designed for you to advertise our shows at your event.